Vintage Christmas Ornament Kits

A friend found a box full of these delightful little kits at a garage sale. I love finds like that, and not just because at $10 for the whole box it was a serious score. It makes me feel connected to this crafty lady who bought up a bunch of glittery Christmas ornaments, maybe just for herself to keep her hands busy, or maybe to create with friends. Not to mention the Lee Wards packaging, which bring me back to my Midwestern childhood.

Whatever use they were originally intended for, we used them as raw materials for an ornament making party (craft parties are the best kind of parties). I like to think that the original owner would have approved.

Tiers of Garnet

Tiers of Garnet vintage Christmas ornament packaging
Vintage Christmas ornament


Elegance vintage Christmas ornament packaging

Panorama Santa


Tiers of Garnet Instructions

Tiers of Garnet vintage Christmas ornament instructions

Elegance Instructions

Elegance vintage Christmas ornament instructions