BlogHer 2014 San Jose

Thanks, BlogHer ’14

I can’t believe how much I’ve missed this. I started blogging in 2001. I was living my sister at the time, and our entertainment routine was to rent a random horror movie at the Hollywood Video and watch it while slamming Pixie Stix, making snarky commentary, and laughing our butts off. It will not surprise […]

The Womens Dress for Success Book by John T. Molloy, 1978

The Woman’s Dress for Success Book

This is The Woman’s Dress for Success Book, first published 1978. I am in love with the duel photograph on the cover, especially the part where this woman is standing up at a board meeting wearing a white muumuu and holding a glass of wine. I’m basically 100% anti-professional by the standards of this book, […]

Parties are fun but messy; vintage newspaper illustration

Parties Are Fun But Messy

I found this gem tucked into the front cover of one of my thrift sale etiquette books. Since the type is a little small and hard to read in the scan, I just want us all to appreciate this intro. Parties Are Fun, But Messy by Marion Dietrich, News Beauty Editor With the season to […]

Vintage etiquette book collection

My Etiquette Obsession

I have a bit of an obsession with old advice books. This shot is of not quite half my collection, which started with one Miss Manners book I got in college and has been slowly but steadily expanding since then. It was actually a friend in my sophomore dorm who introduced me to Miss Manners. […]

Oxford College Glee Club 1913 by Miami U. Libraries

Take Your Space

I was an a cappella nerd in college. I should that add that at this point (i.e., back in the dark ages), there were few groups less cool than the a cappella nerds. I mean, we were less cool than the musical theater society. Really, really uncool. This is before Pitch Perfect, before the Sing-Off, […]

Tiers of Garnet vintage Christmas ornament packaging

Vintage Christmas Ornament Kits

A friend found a box full of these delightful little kits at a garage sale. I love finds like that, and not just because at $10 for the whole box it was a serious score. It makes me feel connected to this crafty lady who bought up a bunch of glittery Christmas ornaments, maybe just […]

Sour Cherry Frisco

Sour Cherry Frisco

Created in honor of the trainwreck that was the first episode of the Startups: Silicon Valley, and also to get me through Episode 2, the Sour Cherry Frisco is a non-ironic homage to stressed-out webmonkeys everywhere and also to the ingredients I had in my kitchen. I am not a cutthroat startup, so I’ll credit […]

The power of math

Behold the Power of Math

Future date 2022: after the last pundit retires to the Old Pundits Home for the Terminally Bloviating, this will be remembered as the Big Data election. At least that’s my hope. I hope that, as a country, we can come together and agree that math is real. The amazing image above is of course Nate […]

Start-ups Silcon Valley

Real Housewives of Silicon Valley

Live-tweeting Start-Ups: Silicon Valley was not the best idea I’ve ever had. Mostly because the only sane reaction is W.T.F., but tweeting that over and over isn’t that satisfying. And seriously, with all the intensity and drama that comes from putting everything you have into an idea, the best they could come up with for […]

Try a Mexican Dinner!

Try a Mexican Dinner

The imperative in this title makes me laugh. Try a Mexican dinner! Try it! You must try it! I’ll leave out the worst of the casual racism (although the full article is worth a read for sure), but did calling something “crude food” and “typical of the peon’s love of bunched, smashing color” ever sound […]